Why School Gym Class Should Focus on Calisthenics

While calisthenics had become a thing of the past in schools getting buried in several academic studies, the need for these exercises is back, and the government has already taken a step in ensuring schools redeem them. Calisthenics is exercises done without the help of an apparatus and are aimed at providing body fitness, strength, and flexibility. It is also fair to say they are natural exercises. They include jumping sit-ups and push-ups, running, games, jacks, squats, and physical fitness trials of all sorts. Besides improving a Childs overall mood, studies have continued to prove that calisthenics is the prevention of several diseases. Read on to find out why schools should focus on this form of exercise.

Improves quality of sleep

Sleep is a critical aspect for kids but most of the time parents have to fight with kids to get them to sleep. School going children between 3 and 6years need 10-12 sleep hours, 7-12year olds need 10 – 11 hours and 12-18 Years Olds need nine sleeping hours; however, polls show that very few kids achieve these adequate hours of sleep. This is because many times, parents give up pushing kids to sleep because the kids don’t want to.

A child that exercises increase their body temperature, and so creates arousal for sleep. Besides, through sufficient sleep, children develop all their body parts from a hormone called Human growth hormone (HGH). Through this hormone, sleep fuels and harmonizes the growth of muscles, bones, nerves and all other body parts. A 2011 study published in the journal “Neuroendocrinology” conducted by a team from the Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital in Rome found that a child that doesn’t get enough sleep will often suffer growth hormone deficiency GHD. This is an ailment which impairs a child’s immune system, weakening the strength of the child’s lungs and heart and making the child more vulnerable to illness.

Calisthenics cut obesity

The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention revealed in a report that 17% of American children are obese. It is almost impossible for a child to suffer obesity if they exercise regularly. Teens need 1 minute of physical activity daily while children below six must play over several breaks throughout the day. Calisthenics also reduce the risk of heart disease, depression, anxiety, diabetes, and hypertension

States have made it mandatory

In the US when it was discovered that students who carry out physically activity perform better and attend class, 38 states now mandate physical education classes from elementary to high school. Schools, therefore, have no choice but to introduce a form of exercise that will interest their students into actively being involved, and there is no other compelling physical class like Calisthenics.

It’s fun

Every kid loves to do fun things. If the gym becomes interesting, we will have healthier children. There is no monotony while doing calisthenics. Kids are either laughing, dancing or even socializing.

Kids will make exercise a part of their life

Just like kids learn to brush their teeth and wash their hands before meals, so will it be with exercise if schools teach them so. We all know the benefits of exercise. They are not different for kids. In our days, had our schools and parents prioritized using from day one, probably none of us would suffer certain diseases today. If schools adopt Calisthenics in their curriculum, the future has healthy kids. If you are convinced that calisthenics is healthy for kids after reading this article, we suggest beginners street workout training program – street workout training to begin the healthy workout routines.


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